Intellectual Property is only valuable once it is released to the world. Whether it is visual art, a software application, or a mechanical tool, the goal is to get it into the hands of others, and often into as many hands as possible. To develop, market, and distribute your product will require the assistance of others, and every step that involves another person necessitates a written agreement.


Contracts are a way to plan a course of action, divide roles and incentives, protect assets, and enforce implementation of the plan. They are valuable tools used to memorialize complex relationships. When negotiating an agreement, you will have the opportunity to discuss issues before they arise, thus preventing potential conflicts.


I can help draft and negotiate any type of contract needed. Some common contracts associated with intellectual property include:

  • Licensing 
  • Assignment
  • Product distribution 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Partnership and incorporation 
  • Nondisclosure 
  • Services 
  • Work for hire 
  • Employment