Copyright is generally the most flexible, longest lasting, and least expensive of the types of intellectual property protection. It is flexible in the scope of subject matter covered, which includes literary, musical, and artistic forms of expression. It usually lasts for the author's life plus an additional seventy years thereafter, and it only costs $65 to register a basic copyright claim with the USPTO.


On the other hand, copyright is relatively weak. An infringer must reproduce nearly the exact expression, and even then there are a number of fair use defenses which permit the use of an other's copyright.


I provide a variety of copyright services, and most of my clients tend toward the more artistic end of the creativity spectrum. My copyright experience is an even split between transactional and litigation. My private practice involves the registration and licensing of copyrights, but also issues involving the unauthorized use of images online. My work for large law firms involves software copyright infringement prosecution and defense.



Copyright services include:


  • Copyright registration
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act take downs
  • Infringement prosecution and defense
  • Licensing Agreements