I perform both patent prosecution and patent litigation services. Patent prosecution is the acquisition of patent rights through a governmental agency, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or the European Patent Office. Prosecution involves several steps: determining the essence of the invention, researching prior art, drafting an application, responding to administrative actions, and defending against potential third-party opposition.


In January 2011, I became a registered patent attorney with the USPTO. Since that time I have assisted clients with the prosecution of design, provisional, and non-provisional applications. Most of my work tends to involve software patents and design patents, but I am interested in all patentable subject matter.


Patent litigation involves the infringement (unauthorized making, using, or selling) of an invention covered by an issued patent. Since becoming a patent attorney, I have worked on several patent infringement cases for large firms in New York, including mobile communications software, open source software, weather forecasting software, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.


Patent services include:

  • Prior art search
  • Patentability opinion
  • Right to operate/infringement analysis
  • Drafting, submission, and prosecution for design, utility, and provisional applications
  • Office action responses
  • Patent infringement litigation for plaintiffs and defendants
  • Licensing Agreements